Varsfontein Olive oil

De Rust has the perfect climate and soil for high quality olive oil production. Our orchard has Frontoio, Coratina, Arbequina and a few Mission trees. Coratina is a variety that produce high amounts of phenolic compounds which acts as anti-oxidants and stabilize the oil. Frontoio produces high yields of a stronger more fruity oil. Arbequina is a variety that grows best in alkaline soils and is the champion in our orchard. It produces small olives with high amounts of mild buttery and fruity oil. The Mission trees produce large fruits with very little oil and is used more as table olives. We named our oil after Varsfontein, the pure fresh water comes from a very deep borehole. Our olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed using a small press on the same day to yield excellent quality oil.

O-lyf personal care products

We want to help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment and believe that a simpler more natural approach is also healthier to us. When using pure high quality olive oil you do not need to use preservatives. No emulsifiers, colorants or artificial flavorings are used in our products. If there are two layers forming in a beauty product, just shake the bottle instead of putting a harmful chemical on your skin!

Our hand soap is made by saponifying the oil with sodium hydroxide and is soft on the skin. Our liquid soap can also be used as a shampoo and is made from potassium hydroxide. We use small amounts of essential oils in our soaps. Rosemary oil can help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. We add it to our soap and oil for hair products.